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The Witcher: Sirens Of The Deep hailed as an exciting step for the franchise

The Witcher: Sirens Of The Deep hailed as an exciting step for the franchise

Our faith has been restored! Geralt is returning better than ever!

The Witcher fans, particularly those who love the TV series, have been on tenterhooks trying to figure out how the show will progress without Henry Cavill. Questions of how such a beloved franchise moves forward, especially after less than favourably season three reviews…? The answer is The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep.

Netflix has announced an animated The Witcher film, not only moving Geralt into the world of animation, but also the return of the one true Geralt: Dough Cockle, the voice behind the White Wolf in the video games. Arguably for many fans, Cockle is Geralt, with all other actors paling in comparison. So much so that the announcement of the animated movie is being hailed as an exciting step in the franchise.

Compare the past and present with The Witcher season three teaser

“Yep, so this is the way forward with The Witcher. Amazing to bring back Doug as the voice for Geralt!” said one fan, sounding more like a Mandalorian than a demon hunter, but who says these universes can’t collide from time to time? This comment was proceeded by another enthused fan saying, “Holy crap they actually got Geralt's original voice actor to do this! Now I am definitely gonna watch this.” Cockle is a big deal to the fans and rightly so.

With Netflix’s The Witcher ending much sooner than we’d expected, at least in terms of having a familiar Geralt face, worry has been abound in the fandom. The once great series, which surprised everyone by being excellent in the first two series (and despite Cavill's weird contacts), lost its steam by the end of season three. It left viewers disappointed. “I think this is better than the live-action series,” reasoned one fan who’s followed the antics of the live-action show. They then added, “They can especially have insane creative freedom with those animations.”

Animation does lend itself to more outlandish effects and fluidity, without the need for potentially unsightly CGI – this is why John Wick fans are so thrilled about the new anime, because it has so many bloody possibilities. And honestly, from what we’ve seen in The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep trailer, this series is going to go hard. We love it.

You can expect to see the new Netflix film in “late 2024”. Granted, we’ve got some time to wait yet, but we believe it’s going to be worth it. Oh yes, it’ll be more than worth it.

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