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Star Wars boss explains why we won't see Yoda in The Acolyte

Star Wars boss explains why we won't see Yoda in The Acolyte

Where's Yoda?

As much as we adore Yoda, the beloved Jedi Master won’t appear in the new Star Wars series The Acolyte on Disney Plus.

This “enthralling new era” is packed full of “mystery and intrigue”, yet there’s that air of familiarity all Star Wars series share.

Nevertheless, while we feel at home embarking on this new adventure, one familiar element of the franchise won’t be present: Yoda.

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Initially, it seems an odd choice considering Yoda's high position in the Jedi Order during this time period.

However, his absence might make more sense than you think.

According to The Acolyte’s Leslye Headland, “There is not [a Yoda cameo].” What is more, the series intends to pull “characters from the High Republic” and those from “EU [the Expanded Universe]" rather than relying on the predictable.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Yoda will never show up, just that it's unlikely. Besides, even if he is destined to appear, it’s not like its cast and creators would want to spoil such a surprise.

That said, given the story The Acolyte tells – chiefly that many issues plague the Order – it makes sense that such a prominent Jedi figure is missing from the narrative. It’s a time of turmoil and uncertainty that’ll pave the way for the instalments we’ve already seen.

But what of other Star Wars tales, ones told via video games rather than TV? Well, while Yoda hasn’t turned up there either, one well-known character has.

During the newest Star Wars Outlaws trailer, Lando Calrissian was spotted. The legendary charmer is a hugely popular character for good reason, and yet, what role he will ultimately play in this new chapter remains a mystery.

The latest trailer revealed little to no new information, yet, we’re now more excited than ever to head to the stars.

Yoda may be taking a break form Star Wars at the moment, but we most certainly aren't.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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