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Star Wars fans solve major Anakin Skywalker mystery that's bugged us for years

Star Wars fans solve major Anakin Skywalker mystery that's bugged us for years

Just how did he get that scar?

Many fans have, for years, wondered why Anakin Skywalker suddenly turns up in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith with a scar running through his eyebrow.

It’s not explained at all during the films and the history of how he got the scar is a bit muddled due to there being canon and non-canon reasons.

We sat down with the developers of Star Wars Outlaws, the upcoming open world game from Ubisoft.

George Lucas, when asked about the scar, said that he did it purely to visually show Anakin’s growth during the Clone Wars which occurred between Episode II and Episode III.

Genndy Tartakovsky’s movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars didn’t fully explain it but did show Padme reacting to it via a montage. However, this film is not considered canon any longer.

What is canon is the TV show The Clone Wars, but sadly that didn’t explain the scar either, despite running for over 100 episodes. Apparently, Ahsoka never asked about it and Obi-Wan never commented on the injury either.

To discover the reason we have to jump over to the comic books and more specifically, Star Wars: Republic #71.

In this issue, Anakin battles with Asajj Ventress, an apprentice of Count Dooku, after she targets Anakin Skywalker as a potential Jedi to assassinate.

Ventriss engages Anakin, threatening to go after Padme thus sending Anakin into a rage. During the fight, in which Anakin isn’t holding himself together due to the aforementioned anger, he takes a strike to the face from Ventriss only getting out of the way just in time.

However, this led to his eyebrow being slashed by her lightsaber.

Now, although we have the reason, these comics are also considered non-canon nowadays, so it isn’t the official Star Wars answer, but it’s the closest we’re going to get at this point. It’s a small detail, but one that does explain a part of Anakin’s past, his struggles with anger, and his connection to Padme being the driving force for his life.

Featured Image Credit: Lucasfilm Animation, 20th Century Fox

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