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Star Wars fans realise Emperor Palpatine was 'married' the whole time

Star Wars fans realise Emperor Palpatine was 'married' the whole time

How did he find the time?

Although Emperor Palpatine had his hands full most of the time, what with destroying the Jedi Order and corrupting our loved ones, he still managed to find time to get married and we all missed it ... sort of.

Darth Sidious, or Emperor Palpatine as we first knew him, was a major antagonist and Sith Lord in our beloved Star Wars movies growing up but there are some things about him that we overlooked. That was probably for the best, to be honest.

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This comes after one fan took to r/StarWars to ask about the wife of Emperor Palpatine. However, as fans now know, Palpatine was too busy cloning himself and doing other nefarious deeds to get married but that didn’t stop him from ... creating offspring.

With said descendants going on to become main characters in one of the more recent Star Wars movies, it still left some fans with questions about the original Emperor Palpatine and his love life.

However, according to one Reddit user, “Palps is only married to the job.”

That’s right. Palpatine was so busy toppling the Jedi Order, living a double life, killing anybody that looked at him funny and doing Phantom Menace activities that a wife would have rarely seen him.

I don’t know about you but I think all of those activities would make your work day a lot longer than the typical nine to five and I doubt he ever got the urge to call in sick.

Additionally, it makes us all feel a lot better that ol’ Palpy was not going around being sexually active.

However, with the news that Emperor Palpatine did in fact sire one of the franchise’s most loved characters, it seems he did take some time out of his schedule to further his bloodline.

We just thank the lords it wasn’t physical.

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