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Star Wars finally shows us what General Grievous looked like pre-cyborg

Star Wars finally shows us what General Grievous looked like pre-cyborg

Have you ever wondered what Grievous looked like before?

Did you ever wonder what was under the mask of General Grievous in Star Wars? Well, if you did, then wonder no more as it has been revealed and, well, it’s kind of disappointing that he looks quite regular.

If you were expecting some kind of gross alien or scarred wreck, you’re in for quite a shock.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was recently remastered in 4K and re-released in cinemas

During the recent run of the Star Wars comic book series, The Age of Republic, writer Jody Houser focused on one character from the prequel trilogy of films for each issue.

The final issue looked at Grievous, as he stalked two Jedi on the planet of Ledeve.

When he finally tracks down the Jedi and kills them, he discovers a data pad and information as to why they were on the planet. It turns out there’s a Jedi temple there housing secrets.

Of course, he pursues the secrets and finds a waterfall in which he soaks his entire body. This transports him to a force realm where he sees himself before all the cyborg enhancements when he was an ordinary Kaleesh warrior.

General Grievous in Star Wars: Age of Republic /
Marvel Comics

Grievous hears his own voice mocking him for the enhancements. Grievous replies, shouting out, “I have improved myself,” before leaving the waterfall and requesting that his fleet bomb the temple and obliterate it.

During that vision, we saw a regular Kaleesh person, orange-skinned, long face, three horns pointing out from his chin. His trademark golden eyes gleam amongst the wrinkled flesh which was eventually covered by his sleek mask.

It’s interesting to see how he originally looked and how the dark side pushed him to abandon his origins and remake his body in an idealised version, and fans can see the man he once was.

Age of Republic has come to an end now but has been collected together and sold as a set via the usual retailers.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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