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Star Wars confirms what happened to our mate Yaddle after Phantom Menace

Star Wars confirms what happened to our mate Yaddle after Phantom Menace

Poor old Yaddle

We first met Yaddle in The Phantom Menace and since then, she’s become a bit of a fan favourite.

With her introduction, sitting on the Jedi council, we finally learned that there were more of Yoda's species out there in the galaxy.

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Unfortunately, Lucasfilm didn’t really do much with her after that brief appearance. We were left wondering what happened to Yaddle after the events of the prequel film.

Now, we finally have an answer, but sadly, it wasn’t a happy ending for old Yaddle.

Via Tales of the Jedi we can finally see what fate had in store for Yaddle and that fate was Count Dooku.

In episode four of the show, we get to see more of Dooku’s journey over to the dark side and in events that transpire just days after the death of Qui-Gon Jinn, it’s revealed that Dooku murdered Yaddle on the request of Darth Sidious.

Poor old Yaddle. Until now we’d only seen her appear in stories of Legends which are no longer canon since the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm.

But it wasn’t a happy end for her there either. In the Legends story she accompanied Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on a mission where she sacrificed herself to save millions when disabling a bioweapon.

It seems that both Yaddle and Dooku had their issues with the Jedi order and while Yaddle retired, Dooku went on the war path leading him to Darth Sidious.

In the episode, we see Yaddle trying to talk down Dooku before a duel occurs and Dooku slays Yaddle leaving her as a footnote in Jedi history and fully turning him to the dark side.

Sorry Star Wars friends, we wish we came with better news, but we can remember Yaddle for having a brilliant name and being on the Jedi council.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Plus, 20th Century Fox

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