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South Park's World Of Warcraft episode hailed as the best video game episode of TV ever

South Park's World Of Warcraft episode hailed as the best video game episode of TV ever

How do you kill that which has no life?

When a TV series or movie attempts to take aim at video games and parody them, it becomes very clear, very quickly which writers actually play video games and which have no idea what they're talking about.

We've all seen hit TV shows fail miserably at either poking fun at video games or straight-up representing what they're about and who plays them. Hell, I'm still mad at Ted Lasso's third season claiming The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has levels. The nerve of it.

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Then there are the countless scenes of actors completely failing to hold a controller like a normal person and pretend they're playing a video game, as highlighted in this excellent article from VG247.

Fortunately, there's one shining episode of TV based on a video game that really gets it right. I am of course referring to South Park's iconic 'Make Love, Not Warcraft'.

Over on Reddit fans have hailed the beloved season 10 instalment as "the best video game episode television has ever seen", and it's hard top argue.

South Park nailed the all-consuming nature of World Of Warcraft in a way that didn't resort to cringe jokes and, crucially, clearly understood what it was making fun of every step of the way. Oh, and it managed to win an Emmy. An episode in which Cartman ends up pooping all over his mum won an actual Primetime Emmy. Outstanding.

"When I die in a video game, I will sometimes react like Randy when his character died at the end of the episode," one user wrote.

Another recalled: "Pretty much every server came to a standstill for 30 minutes that Wednesday. No one was raiding, org/sw/if/uc were full of PC statues, no pvp was happening....because everyone was watching that episode.

"I can't think of many things during my WoW days that were that universally experienced. And despite savagely lampooning all of us, it didn't feel like the Stone/Parker were laughing AT us so much as WITH us. Everyone that played was in on the jokes. It was the best kind of roast."

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central

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