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Ryan Reynolds gives Emmy acceptance speech as Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds gives Emmy acceptance speech as Deadpool

Let's face it, Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds and vice versa

Few actors take on a role quite so seamlessly as Ryan Reynolds. In fact, we can’t help but wonder where Ryan ends and Deadpool begins, especially after the Emmy speech Ryan, sorry, Deadpool, gave.

On behalf of the creative team behind the now four-times Emmy-winning show Welcome to Wrexham, both Reynolds and co-owner of the club, Rob McElhenney, thanked The Academy in style. Both videos went viral, however, it’s Reynolds's thank you speech that really sticks in everyone’s minds, mainly because he couldn’t make it and so his good friend had to take the reins instead.

As well as calling Reynolds Mr Lively, in an obvious nod to his Blake Lively, a talented actress and directed (and Reynolds's wife, though that’s her least important accolade), Marvel’s Deadpool went on to thank Wrexham fans above everyone else.

“First and foremost, Wrexham, we love you,” began the R-rated hero. “Thank you for letting Rob and the other guy tell your story. Cymru am byth, b******. I'd also like to thank The Academy for this honour and for not asking us to attend the televised awards show with the real celebrities. I'd also like to thank FX and Disney for their support and in exchange, Mr. Lively promises not to f-ck up my next movie.”

Staying with the Marvel theme, have you watched Marvel's Blade announcement yet?

Although our focus should be on the journey Wrexham has been through since McElhenney and Reynolds bought the club, we can’t help but get excited seeing Deadpool on our screens. It symbolises that this is the year that the famed anti-hero returns, hopefully, more crass, explosive, and as funny as ever.

We know Deadpool 3 is R-rated, which, come on, surprises no one, so it seems like our prayers for more no matter the cost have been answered.

Even if you have no intention of watching Welcome to Wrexham, you should definitely watch Deadpool getting an Emmy. Sure, it’s not his exactly, but that minor detail hardly matters.

Featured Image Credit: ComicBook – Twitter, FX

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