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Marvel confirms full Fantastic Four casting, includes Pedro Pascal

Marvel confirms full Fantastic Four casting, includes Pedro Pascal

We've finally got confirmation of the official Fantastic four cast

It's about time. Marvel has finally announced the full cast for the upcoming Fantastic Four film, and low and behold, Pedro Pascal is indeed taking on the role of Mr Fantastic.

Joining Pascal is a star studded cast, including Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss Bachrach.

Rumours regarding who the final cast will be have been circulating for some time now, especially after it was all but officially confirmed that Pedro Pascal will (temporarily) say goodbye to the trials of The Last of Us to assume an altogether different role.

But he won't be alone, Vanessa Kirby will be joining him, the actress best known for her iconic portrayal of Princess Margret in Netflix's The Crown. Joseph Quinn, the actor behind everyone's favourite Stranger Things loveable rogue will also be there, undoubtedly taking on the role of the Human Torch, leaving Ebon Moss Bachrach to play The thing.

Needless to say, the surprise Valentine's Day news has delighted the Marvel fandom, with one excited fan saying, "Great ensemble ngl. Curious to see how they cook." Hopefully, they don't intend to literally cook the cast... though the Human Torch could help out there.

Look at how incredible the 1994 The Fantastic Four film was? And by incredible, we mean cheesy but entertaining as hell!

Other fans aren't as convinced by the casting choices, however, but are willing to wait and see how this Fantastic Four outing will compare to previous attempts before jumping to conclusions. We've all got the 90s film in particular locked away in our memories whenever we need a good ol' dose of campy Marvel goodness.

A lot is riding on this film for many fans, with some unsure of how they'll cope if the film isn't as fantastic as they hope – "I'll never be able to recover if this movie turns out bad. I've been waiting for them for so long." We're right there with them, and, cautiously, look forward to seeing further film announcements.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios, HBO