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Lord Of The Rings fans are desperate for a 'Rangers Of The North' TV series

Lord Of The Rings fans are desperate for a 'Rangers Of The North' TV series

The possibilities for a new LOTR TV series are almost endless

Some may claim there are too many The Lord of The Rings adaptations, but those people are wrong. In fact, fans are desperate for another TV series to be made, this time focusing on a group who’ve held our interest since we first read about them…

I speak of the Rangers of the North.

Look at how young everyone looks in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring!

Behind the scenes, these noble men and women used their prowess as fighters to protect and watch over the vulnerable, with lore telling of them safeguarding the Shire. Unfortunately, due to their appearance, and how they operate from the shadows, many believed them a menace rather than a help.

That description only scratches the surface of the history of these crusaders, which is arguably why fans are eager to see the Rangers of the North take centre stage in a television show. In a Reddit thread, a LOTR fan asked, “Is it just me or do you think a TV series focused on the Rangers of the North would be epic?”

Unsurprisingly, the OP wasn’t alone in their desires.

“I would like that,” said another fan. “I’m really fascinated by the rangers, I love their place in Tolkien’s mythology as these scruffy vagabonds who are actually more like noble knights errant and selflessly/dutifully protecting the ignorant folks of the northern regions.”

Considering that the LOTR trilogy is hailed as one of cinema’s best trilogies, it’s not hard to understand why people want to see more tales from its lore brought to the screen. However, while they want to see this, many fear Hollywood isn’t the place for such stories.

“As much as I have wanted to see these stories brought to life, I don't trust today's Hollywood to do it properly,” explained one Redditor. “You know they would f**k them up, adding and changing things to ‘make it relatable for a modern audience’ that just destroy the stories. I want them to stay untouched until we are out of this era of nonsense.”

Not sure we quite agree with their cynicism, but we appreciate that such a series or film would need to be as loyal to the stories as possible for them to work. Perhaps after the Fallout TV series comes out, and we’ve had a chance to judge its worth, we’ll be more prepared to consider a ‘Rangers of the North’ TV show…?

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema, Middle Earth Film Saga Wiki

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