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Invincible to run for at least 7 to 8 seasons, says showrunner

Invincible to run for at least 7 to 8 seasons, says showrunner

Invincible in for the long haul

It looks like Invincible, the Amazon Prime TV show adapted from wildly popular Image Comics book of the same name, could end up running for seven or eight seasons - and a video game.

Speaking recently to Polygon, Robert Kirkman, creator of the Invincible comic book discussed his overall plans for the TV show. Kirkman is no stranger to long-running TV adaptations of his work. The Walking Dead ran for 11 seasons, eventually moving away from Kirkman's narrative, while also launching several spin-off shows.

Take a look at the Invincible video game below!

In the interview, Kirkman says seven to eight seasons could be "enough" to adapt the entire comic run. However, he also stated this was a "moving target" and that there are events that never made it into the comics which he would like to bring to the screen.

The first season of the show covered up to issue 13 of the comics over its eight episodes, but it did stretch out into the world of Invincible to bring in smaller stories and focal points from the books.

Kirkman explained that the show could "move through a little faster, some things we expand." The beauty of having the original creator as a show runner is that plot points can be expanded if that was an initial plan stymied by the limitations of comics. Kirkman continued, "there are some things along the way that didn't get into the comic that I'd like to do."

The plan "moving forward" seems to be one of flexibility and one that could radically expand the story which debuted January 2003. "I think it'd be cool to have some episodes here and there that are completely original" remarked Kirkman. Which fits, given that so many adaptations nowadays play loose with the original story, expanding, or even removing arcs. It worked for The Walking Dead, after all.

Invincible dropped on Amazon Prime to rave reviews, so more content would likely be welcomed by all.

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