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I Am Legend 2 teaser shared by Will Smith

I Am Legend 2 teaser shared by Will Smith

Will Smith teases fans with I Am Legend 2 at recent film festival

Released in 2007 and starring Will Smith, I Am Legend can be considered to be one of the best post-apocalyptic zombie movies of all time. Well, at least in my opinion anyway.

According to aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, I Am Legend scored a very modest 68% from both critics and the audience alike. If nothing else, that equal score just shy of 69% (nice) indicates a balanced and well-translated opinion of the movie.

Check out the I Am Legend trailer below!

Loosely based on the 1954 novel of the same name from Richard Matheson: “Robert Neville (Will Smith), a brilliant scientist, is a survivor of a man-made plague that transforms humans into bloodthirsty mutants", reads the synopsis of I Am Legend.

“He wanders alone through New York City, calling out for other possible survivors, and works on finding a cure for the plague using his own immune blood,” it continues. “Neville knows he is badly outnumbered and the odds are against him, and all the while, the infected wait for him to make a mistake that will deliver Neville into their hands.”

News first broke of the I Am Legend sequel earlier in 2023, and that Black Panther star Micheal B. Jordan will co-star alongside Will Smith, but up until this point we’ve had nothing substantial to go on. That was until now.

As reported by Variety, during the recent Red Sea Film Festival, Will Smith gave the most substantial update on the sequel yet, teasing eagerly awaiting fans. However, before we proceed, please be advised that we are about to go into major spoilers regarding the ending of 2007’s I Am Legend.

At the very end of I Am Legend, Will Smith’s character, Robert dies. So how would this character return in a sequel, I hear you ask? “You have to be a real I Am Legend buff to know this, but in the first, theatrical version, my character dies, but on the DVD there was an alternate version of the ending where my character lived,” explained Smith. “We are going with the mythology of the DVD version.”

In respect to Micheal B. Jordan starring alongside Smith, he adds: “I have a call with Michael B. Jordan tomorrow. We’re really close, the script just came in. I can’t tell you anything more, but Michael B. Jordan is in." At this time, we do not know which character Micheal B. Jordan will play.

I Am Legend 2 has no release date, but considering that filming hasn't even begun yet, we will likely be waiting for a few years for its arrival.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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