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Homelander would 'kick Superman's ass', says The Boys star

Homelander would 'kick Superman's ass', says The Boys star

It's back to playground theory

I don’t know about anyone else but when I was younger, playground conversation often revolved around which superhero could kick another superhero's ass.

You know, ‘Can The Flash beat up Spider-man?’ or ‘Can Cyclops kick Green Arrow’s ass?’ Well, it seems those conversations are still fun to have according to Antony Starr.

The Boys has been a runaway success for Amazon Prime and will start its fourth season soon.

On the run-up to the new season of The Boys, Antony Starr has picked a side in who would win in a fight, Superman or Homelander.

Of course, he picks Homelander, which doesn’t seem like much of a surprise given he plays the maniacal villain on the show.

Giving his full answer in a recent interview with Screen Rant, Starr says, “There's no Kryptonite factor, and Homie would fight so dirty. He's the [type to go], 'Oh, you got me!' as he goes down and then comes up and throws sand in your eyes. He's a dirty dude, man.”

Starr isn’t wrong. Homelander is an utter scumbag, it’s why we love to hate him. He plays dirty, doesn’t do right by anybody, and generally aims to destroy all that is good in order to get his own way.

Starr continues saying, “Whereas Superman is always like, 'Oh, I wouldn't do that. Oh, there's innocent children that might get hurt.' Homie's going to human shield himself with the kids.”

Homelander would indeed use children as a human shield. He’s that despicable. But is Starr right? It’s hard to say because their powers are so well-matched.

I disagree with Antony Starr, not in who would be the victor because I think Homelander would win, but I think he would use kryptonite against Supes. Homelander would happily take any help he could get.

Hell, he’d probably get some brass knuckles made out of kryptonite and beat Superman senseless with them, putting him in the ground and peeing on his grave.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Studios, DC

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