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Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter alum pay tribute to Michael Gambon

Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter alum pay tribute to Michael Gambon

Cast members of Harry Potter pay respect to Michael Gambon

Tributes are pouring in for the late Michael Gambon who passes away, aged 82. The actor had been known most recently for playing Dumbledore in the Harry Potter franchise. Now, many actors from that series are paying their respects for the beloved actor.

Gambon originally took over the role of the Hogwarts headmaster after the passing of Richard harris in 2002, and was warmly welcomed by both cast and crew.

Daniel Radcliffe, who played the titular wizard took to Variety to respond to the news saying, "With the loss of Michael Gambon the world just became considerably less fun." He continues his tribute by saying "Micheal Gambon was one of the most brilliant, effortless actors I've ever had the privilege of working with, but despite his immense talent, the thing I will remember most about him is how much fun he had doing his job."

Gambon was, according to Radcliffe, "silly, irreverent and hilarious" and made filming of the sixth Harry Potter movie "more memorable and joyous."

Emma Watson, unforgettable as Hermione, paid tribute by saying, "Thank you for showing us what it looks like to wear greatness lightly. We will miss you xx"

Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasely took to Instagram writing, "He brought so much warmth and mischief to every day on set. He captivated me asa kid." Bonnie Wright played Ginnie, Ron Weasley's sister. She also wrote a tribute on Instagram, "His deep, mischievous voice between scenes would rumble through the great hall."

Fiona Shaw, who played Petunia Dursley called Gambon a "magnificent trickster", while James Phelps who played Fred Weasley on screen called the late actor "a legend."

Away from Harry Potter, other stars expressed their condolences. Dame Helen Mirren called Gambon and "extraordinary actor" and smiles when she thinks of him "because he was incredibly funny."

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