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Fallout season 2 teaser confirms fan-favourite video game character

Fallout season 2 teaser confirms fan-favourite video game character

They're back, folks!

There are quite a few Fallout characters we want to see in the next season of Amazon’s acclaimed series. But this fan-favourite is one of the main ones we’ve been rooting for.

I know it’s hardly a new show now, but if you want to avoid spoilers for Amazon’s Fallout, now is the time to go read another of our articles.

Who would the Fallout cast snog, marry, irradiate?

During the course of Fallout, we recognised familiar characters – we’re looking at you, Dogmeat – as well as bearing witness to how the destruction of the world was shaped by those sworn to protect.

There was much to mull over when the dust finally settled.

One character you may not have spotted initially is that of Mr. House. It’s not hard to understand why his appearance was missed; his role in season one was fleeting. Plus, he’s a character only Fallout: New Vegas fans will recognise.

But he was there, for however brief a moment it was. And Mr. House will be returning in season two, it seems.

During an interview with Variety, Amazon showrunners confirmed that the character will be part of season two’s story.

All they said was that he’ll “be involved”, which adds an element of mystery to what role he’ll play. But that seems even more fitting given Mr. House’s behaviour in New Vegas.

It all boils down to how much Amazon intends to mess with the endings of New Vegas, mainly if they intend to determine which is the canonical ending or not.

Though, as Fallout fans have theorised, it’s possible that Mr. House survived regardless of what ending you picked for your playthrough.

Whatever the canon ending in your own mind, it’s fantastic to know that New Vegas lore will be included in the colourful world of Amazon’s hit show.

Considering how well they crafted the first season was, we can’t wait to see what will happen in season two.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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