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The DCU is officially dead after 10 years and an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 59%

The DCU is officially dead after 10 years and an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 59%

RIP the DCU, you had an okay run

It had a good run (did it, though?), but it’s time to officially call time of death on the DCU after ten years of struggling and an underwhelming Rotten Tomatoes average.

None of this is to say that Marvel is currently faring any better, just that the DCU has been slowly dying before our eyes, with the release of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom the final nail in the coffin.

Have you watched the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League trailer?

Despite an overall audience rating of 77%, the Aquaman sequel only has 37% from its verified critics, meaning the majority of them certify that the film is “rotten” rather than “fresh”. Naturally, you may watch the film and feel differently, but the fact remains that this latest DC outing isn’t hitting as hard as it should.

There are many comments I could pick out that really drive this home, though I think the description of the film as “waterlogged with boring villains and underwhelming visuals” summarises just how lacklustre the sequel truly is.

Even the positive reviews said that “It’s another three-star DC Films sequel to a four-star DC film’s ‘part one’”, which is hardly a glowing commentary.

The video games side of the brand is hardly faring better, with the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League already blasted as a “disaster” only months away from its release – then you have the unfortunate Batman Arkham Trilogy port for the Switch. In short, DC is roughing it just a little bit more than Marvel. Not by much, but there’s a small enough difference that we need to mention it.

If you want to pay your respects to DC and the return of Aquaman, The Lost Kingdom is out now in cinemas; you can say your final farewells before enjoying a lot of delicious food to remove the painful sting of DC’s fate.

Featured Image Credit: DC Comics

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