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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was hiding a huge cameo we all missed

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was hiding a huge cameo we all missed

Seriously worried about our eyes right now

Turns out, none of us are paying enough attention when watching the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy.

Not only did we miss the subtle details that laid out The Dark Knight’s Joker's plans all along, but we also missed these eight other trilogy details. Yes, eight.

But that’s not all we overlooked (as if that wasn’t already embarrassing enough); we also neglected to spot a pretty big cameo from actor Glen Powell.

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To promote his latest film, Hit Man, Powell sat on the streets of Austin, Texas to chat all things film with Netflix.

Debates were had covering a range of movies, including Batman; specifically, whether Michael Keaton’s Batman is the best portrayal of the caped hero.

This then led to Powell referring to his brief time starring in The Dark Knight Rises, a cameo we pretty much missed or had forgotten. Sorry, Powell.

If you’re scratching your heads wondering what part Powell played, it was that of a “sexy stockbroker”, Powell’s words, who dares to stand up to Bane. As we know from the DC comics and films, testing Bane is never a wise move.

The nameless stockbroker informs Bane that “there’s no money you can steal”, before his head unceremoniously meets the desk nearby. It’s a blink and miss it kind of role, really.

Even though the character hasn’t forever remained burned into our minds, for Powell, the role was incredibly important.

During a chat with Discussing Film earlier this year, Powell revealed that it was a “major moment” in both his career and life.

Knowing this doesn’t change the way we view the narrative of the trilogy, however, it does go to show what details you miss even when you think you’re paying close attention.

With a new Batman video game on the way, and with a new villain to boot, we can’t help but wonder what we’ll miss while lurking in the shadows of Gotham.

And with that, it looks like it’s time to make some popcorn, turn on the projector, and rewatch The Dark Knight Rises.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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