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The Blair Witch Project actually showed the witch and we all missed it

The Blair Witch Project actually showed the witch and we all missed it

The theory cropped up online

A Reddit theory has suggested that we've actually known who the titular Blair Witch from The Blair Witch Project is since the movie was released.

"It's been a while since I watched the movie so I can't remember her name but I think the crazy shut in woman who claimed to have seen the witch as a child was in fact the witch all along," the post began.

"It is clearly shown that she is mentally unstable during the interview, and while in the car, Heather mentions that she also made several other ridiculous claims that seem to boast her self perceived fame."

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"The woman clearly has a desire to be idolised and famous, so she makes up lies to convince those around her of her self worth. When hearing about these kids are investigating the legend, she decides to use them as a way to finally get her recognition, something that she does by stalking, terrorising and murdering them in the woods. She then is the one who collected the tapes and turned them into the police so that she could finally be seen in the spotlight and also prove to everyone that she is not crazy," The Reddit user wrote.

Another fan in the comments pointed out that the gate leading to the woman's trailer looks exactly like the stick men that you see in the trees throughout the film, suggesting that perhaps she put them there.

It's a very convincing theory and one that's been gaining traction online for quite some time now. I can see why.

Earlier this year, a reboot of the Blair Witch Project was announced, with a statement by the original cast and crew released afterwards asking for residual payments, meaningful consultation on anything related to the franchise, and a grant to be given to any first-time genre filmmaker so they can be afforded the same chance that the original film makers were when the first movie was released.

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