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Beloved Halo series is coming to an end, and it's going out with a bang

Beloved Halo series is coming to an end, and it's going out with a bang

Halo series Red vs. Blue is going out with a bang

Red vs Blue is one of the OG fan-made web series of internet lore, based on the Bungie days of Halo, but sadly it will soon be coming to an end.

Since its inception back in 2003, produced by Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs. Blue was based on the popular Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer developed by Bungie, and the series evolved with various iterations of the Halo series, now handled by 343 Industries. However, rather than just having straight-up matches, Red vs. Blue was a comedy series created in the Halo engine which told the tale of the rivalries between beloved characters, Sarge, Grif, Tucker, Caboose, Donut and more.

Check out the Red vs. Blue: Restoration trailer below!

Sadly in March 2024, after 21 years, it was announced that Rooster Teeth Productions was coming to an end which broke the hearts of the internet masses. Red vs. Blue. Rooster Teeth Productions was of course known for much more than just Red vs. Blue, as it spawned many other web series such as RWBY, Camp Camp, the spin-off division, Achievement Hunter and much more. That being said, it’s fair to say that Red vs. Blue was the crown-jewel of Rooster Teeth Productions and as the company ends, the series is also going out with a bang.

As announced on the official Halo Twitter channel, writer Burnie Burns of Red vs. Blue and Matt Hullum, the director of Red vs Blue: Restoration revealed that the final and 19th season of the Rooster Teeth Productions series, Red vs. Blue: Restoration will be released in its entirety via digital retailers on 7 May 2024.

On the hunt for Sarge, Simmons and Co to end the squads once and for all is Meta, so the squad will need to work together if they are to survive this one last mission. It’s going to be a sad time when Red vs. Blue officially ends, but by the looks of things, all the stops are being pulled for this finale and let’s be honest, the internet lore of Red vs. Blue will never truly die.

As for what the future holds for the video game series that inspired Red vs. Blue post-Halo Infinite on Xbox, only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros/Xbox Game Studios

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