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Among Us TV show reveals first trailer, and it actually looks great

Among Us TV show reveals first trailer, and it actually looks great

Things are about to get very sus

Tonight’s Summer Game Fest has given us our first look at the upcoming Among Us television show and yes, it is as wild as you would expect.

First announced back in June 2023, the Among Us television mini series will be created by Owen Dennis and feature some big cast names such as Dan Stevens, Debra Wilson, Ashley Johnson and a whole lot more.

Take your first look at the Among Us TV show below!

The synopsis reads as follows: “Members of your crew have been replaced by an alien shapeshifter intent on causing confusion, sabotaging the ship, and killing everyone. Root out the 'Impostor' or fall victim to its murderous designs.”

Fans of the award-winning game will already know what to expect with this animated comedy after the Among Us title went onto become one of the most played games back in 2018.

Going on to win The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game, Among Us quite literally took the world by storm so it is no wonder a television adaptation is on the way.

Our first teaser trailer gives us a glimpse at the video-game-turned-television-show and much like the video game, viewers can expect a whole lot of chaos.

We see our coloured blob-like friends as they scuttle around the ship, making pizza, playing video games and trying not to get themselves murdered by one of their own friends.

However, we are yet to receive a release date but there is no doubt that the suspicious amongst us will be tuning in when it airs.

Featured Image Credit: Eye Animation Productions

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