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'The Last Of Us' TV Show Trailer Is Missing A Very Important Character

'The Last Of Us' TV Show Trailer Is Missing A Very Important Character

The first trailer for HBO's The Last of Us series is here, but there's a notable character missing.

Ever since it was revealed that a TV adaptation of The Last of Us was in the works at HBO, we had a good feeling. You only need to look at HBO’s impeccable track record. Game Of Thrones, Westworld, Succession … HBO is responsible for some top-tier TV and yesterday, we got our confirmation that The Last of Us looks set to uphold that reputation. HBO released the first trailer for the 10-episode series, but there is a noticeable absence within it.

Check out the brand new trailer for HBO’s take on The Last of Us below.

There’s a major character from Naughty Dog’s game that doesn’t appear in the trailer, nor has the character been cast as far as we know. We’re talking about David. Warning: If you haven’t yet played The Last of Us, David-related story spoilers lie ahead. The Last of Us doesn’t have an overall villain per se, but David is certainly one of the most villainous characters you’ll encounter.

He appears to be kind and soft-spoken but, as Ellie finds out, David actually leads a group of cannibals. Many have also pointed out that David’s interest in Ellie is unsavoury to say the least. With that in mind, David’s chapter marks an important turning point in the story. It’s the first time we see Ellie fend for herself plus I think it’s fair to say that the harrowing nature of the experience brings to light just how much safety and comfort Ellie finds in Joel.

As pointed out though, David doesn’t appear to have been cast, nor does he seem to be in the trailer. There is a snowy shot of Joel embracing a blood-splattered Ellie which captures the essence of the scene within the game where the duo are reunited after Ellie kills David. The setting has seemingly shifted though so perhaps this is one area of the show we’ll see some major changes made. We don’t yet know who Troy Baker is portraying. If it is David though, that’ll be quite the shock.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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