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The Last Of Us player finally plays Part 2 and realises Abby is the best character

The Last Of Us player finally plays Part 2 and realises Abby is the best character

Players are revisiting The Last of Us Part II and have decided that Abby is actually an incredible character.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’re aware by now that HBO’s The Last of Us series has finally begun airing. We’re two episodes in, and oh my. It is glorious my friends.

The series has already set incredible viewing records. The Last of Us is officially HBO’s second-largest debut since 2010, with a whopping 18 million people having now seen the premiere episode in the US. The series has also led to a major spike in game sales. The Last of Us Part I has seen sales jump by 238% while The Last of Us Part II is topping Amazon’s PlayStation 4 chart. Some people will be playing for the first time, but others are viewing it with a fresh mindset and they’re in agreement that Abby is an incredible character.

Take a look at what’s in store in the weeks ahead on The Last of Us in the trailer below.

As an Abby stan, this makes me very happy indeed - and let me make one thing clear. Adoring Abby and Ellie is not mutually exclusive. You can love both and in fact, I do. Reddit user Bruno_93 has changed his opinion of Abby. He wrote, “I played The Last of Us Part II for the first time and today I finished the game and the character that kept me away from the game for all this time turned out to be my favourite part. For all these years, I had never played the game as I knew what would happen to a certain character and his terrible death. Unfortunately, I was consumed by hatred, but time passed and finally I got the game to play and to my surprise I loved the interaction of Abby and Lev.”

“At the end of the game, I have so much appreciation for these two characters that I just wish they are safe and happy, that Ellie's mercy can give them a life that she never had with Joel,” he added. This. THIS. I’m happy to say that me and Bruno_93 aren’t alone in our feelings. DanFarrell98 added, “You’re supposed to be consumed by hatred, that's what propels you through Ellie's days in Seattle. But what really makes the game great is how they pull the rug from under you and show you that maybe Abby's actions were justified and then she turns out to be one of the best characters in the game.”

Zelda-bear31 wrote, “I think it was on my third playthrough recently that I actually started to like her and Lev and genuinely understand her actions, I just adore the game,” while mrdeli added, “The story of this game blew me away. Way too clever for a video game, really.” Have you ever stopped to think that it’s actually Ellie’s decision to travel to Santa Barbara to kill Abby that saves Abby’s life? Otherwise she would’ve died on that post. Ponder on that.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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