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'The Last Of Us Part 1' Players Discover New Heartbreaking Detail About Joel

'The Last Of Us Part 1' Players Discover New Heartbreaking Detail About Joel

A new detail discovered in The Last of Us Part I's prologue reveals a heartbreaking secret about Joel.

It’s the beginning of a new week and I bet I can guess how you spent your weekend. The Last of Us Part I is finally out in the world, receiving rave reviews. In our own review, I wrote that, “Fans will find no better way to experience this story, and first-time players are likely to discover a new all-time favourite.” In classic Naughty Dog fashion, Part I is packed with detail. Just last week, fans spotted a The Last of Us Part II character hiding in the background and now, another player has discovered a new heartbreaking secret about Joel.

Yet to dive in? Check out the epic launch trailer for The Last of Us Part I below.

The detail was spotted by Twitter user chydjarin in the game’s prologue. The player zoomed in on Joel’s bedside table using the game’s photo mode which revealed a number of medications. It looks like pre-outbreak Joel was taking tablets for a gastric ulcer, his blood-pressure and perhaps most notably, anti-anxiety medication.

Warning: Major prologue spoilers lie ahead. If you’ve played either the original The Last of Us or Part I, you’ll know just how tragic the prologue is. During the outbreak of the Cordyceps infection, Joel’s young daughter Sarah is shot and killed - dying in Joel’s arms. Fans have pointed out that Joel would’ve lost access to his anti-anxiety medication at a time when he’d potentially need it most, whilst he grieved for his daughter and dealt with the intensity of the first few weeks of the outbreak.

Fans reacted to the discovery on Reddit. Chazoid wrote, “Y’all think he had wild depression swings as he had to forcibly withdraw from the anxiety meds?” potentially alluding to Joel’s time as a hunter. Divulci added, “His daughter died in his arms and society collapsed because of a world-ending pandemic, and then he went and survived for another 25 years. When he said he ‘struggled for a long time with surviving,’ he sounds humble. What a beast.” I wonder what other secrets Part I is hiding.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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