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'The Last Of Us Part 1' Player Discovers That Bottles Are The Most Brutal Weapon

'The Last Of Us Part 1' Player Discovers That Bottles Are The Most Brutal Weapon

One player of The Last of Us Part I has unearthed a new detail about the game's bottles.

The Last of Us Part I isn’t even a week old but fans have already found plenty of cool touches hidden within the game. Naughty Dog are known for their exquisite attention to detail - something we recently chatted to them about - and The Last of Us Part I proves that remains to be true. Already, fans have noticed the addition of a Part II character and they’ve found a heartbreaking secret about Joel hidden in the prologue. This latest detail though, shows the brutality of one of the game’s most simple weapons.

Yet to dive in? Check out the epic launch trailer for The Last of Us Part I below.

When you think about brutal weapons in The Last of Us, your mind might drift to the assault rifle obtained in the final portion of the game or perhaps the flamethrower. I’m pretty confident that no one’s first thought would be the humble bottle, yet a simple glass bottle can yield surprisingly gruesome results.

As anyone who’s played the game will know, bottles can be thrown to draw enemies away but they can also be thrown directly at foes to stun them - allowing you to launch a quick attack. Well Twitter user Rad_Dad_Redempt noticed that if you do the latter, shards of glass can be seen noticeably embedded in your opponent's face. Ouch.

The user tweeted, “Ok … I threw a glass bottle at dude’s head, went into photo mode and my god … dude’s got glass shards all in his face! The details, wow.” I’ve already completed the game and seeing all these new discoveries is making me want to instantly dive back in. Well played Naughty Dog.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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