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The Last Of Us fans on edge as contaminated flour recalled by FDA

The Last Of Us fans on edge as contaminated flour recalled by FDA

The FDA has recalled several batches of flour, reminding The Last of Us fans of a very important detail about the series.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled several types of flour amidst concerns of contamination. It’s an announcement that’s left The Last of Us fans doing a double take. Yes, this scenario sounds all too familiar.

You’ll have to have watched HBO’s The Last of Us to know exactly what I’m talking about, as it’s not a detail that was shared in the game. We discover in the series that Cordyceps was actually spread via the world’s flour supply. Episode two, titled ‘Infected’, unveiled that the infection was first identified at a flour plant in Indonesia. We’d already seen Joel and Sarah avoiding pancakes and birthday cake. Their neighbours though … they weren’t so lucky. This now real-life flour recall has understandably caused a bit of deja vu, but don’t worry. We aren’t going to be turning into zombies in a few days time.

The Last of Us Part I recently launched on PC.

As reported by GGRecon, the FDA have recalled two, five, and 10-pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached and Gold Medal Bleached All Purpose Flour due to concerns surrounding salmonella infantis. Inspectors found a spoiled batch during a routine inspection, prompting the concern. There are recalls on two batches with “better if used by” dates of 27 March 2024 and 28 March 2024 so if you’re based in the US, do check your flour for your own safety.

The FDA and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a statement, saying, “Consumers should refrain from consuming any raw products made with flour.” They added that the contamination can be rectified by “baking, frying sautéing or boiling products made with flour,” but all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned.

Earlier this year, one expert said we’re ‘three steps’ away from a TLoU style scenario. Hopefully, they’re three very long and very unlikely steps.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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