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The Witcher showrunner says Liam Hemsworth brings 'new energy' to the show

The Witcher showrunner says Liam Hemsworth brings 'new energy' to the show

The Witcher's showrunner has broken their silence on Liam Hemsworth's addition to the show following the departure of Henry Cavill.

There’s never a dull moment to be had on Netflix. Last week, hit new show Wednesday officially dethroned Stranger Things 4 for most-hours watched in a week for an English language show. I’m yet to dive into Wednesday but I can already tell I’m going to love it from that viral dance clip alone. Jenna Ortega is certainly the it girl of the moment.

It’s not all good news though for the streamer. Netflix recently cancelled yet another fan-favourite series, plus there’s The Witcher debacle. In case you missed it, Henry Cavill has departed from the show with season three marking his final appearance. Liam Hemsworth will then take over as Geralt. Cavill hasn’t exactly explained the move, but it’s assumed it’s down to the writers shifting away from the source novels.

The Witcher 3’s new-gen update lands on 14 December. Check it out below.

The Witcher’s showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich recently sat down with GamesRadar to assure fans that Geralt is in safe hands with Hemsworth. “I’m so excited for viewers,” she explained. “I think that it’s just a new chapter for us. And I think new chapters bring new energy and that people will find things to love. So yeah, personally, I’m really excited.”

Jaskier actor Joey Batey also had great things to say about the actor. “I reached out to [Liam] and said ‘Welcome’. The strength in him and the bravery to come and join a show like this, halfway through, is unbelievable,” he said. “I hope that everyone knows the commitment that he’s already showing to these incredibly big boots he has to fill. He’s diving headfirst into this and taking it so seriously with his research and training and things like that.”

Despite the fact that we haven’t yet seen Hemsworth in action, fans haven’t given the actor the warmest reception. For the most part though, it’s simply because they miss Cavill. A petition campaigning to bring the actor back has surpassed 200,000 signatures. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s just never going to happen. Cavill has made that much clear.

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