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The Witcher: Henry Cavill's 'final scene' as Geralt sounds heartbreaking

The Witcher: Henry Cavill's 'final scene' as Geralt sounds heartbreaking

Henry Cavill has reportedly filmed his final scene as Geralt in Netflix's The Witcher - and it sounds like a tearjerker.

Last year, Henry Cavill announced his departure from Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation, revealing that he’d exit following the conclusion of the upcoming third season. After that, the role of Geralt of Rivia will be taken over by actor Liam Hemsworth who will debut in the role in the fourth season.

Understandably, it’s an announcement that caused quite a ruckus online. Cavill didn’t exactly explain the reason behind his decision but fans are fairly confident that it’s to do with the fact that he was lobbying for the show to stay true to the books, while the writers were taking things in another direction. In fact, a petition asking Netflix to rehire Cavill and fire The Witcher’s writers has now reached over 300,000 signatures. Fellow cast members have expressed their sadness at the news, and fans are dubious about how Hemsworth will seemingly look in the role. We still have a whole season of Cavill’s Geralt ahead of us - although apparently, the actor’s final scene has been filmed.

We'd love to see Ciri get her own game one day.

As reported by Redanian Intelligence, we have some idea of what Cavill’s final scene will be - and it sounds like it’s going to break our hearts. It goes without saying, potential spoilers lie ahead for the upcoming third season. A source close to Redanian Intelligence said that the actor’s last scene will see Geralt turning his back on being a witcher. How art imitates life, huh?

The source said, “We’ve learned that Henry Cavill’s final scene as Geralt of Rivia will be him giving up being a witcher. A supporting character will call for him, yelling, ‘Witcher,’ to which Geralt will answer, ‘No, no more,’ implying that he no longer considers himself a witcher now.” With the added context of Cavill’s departure, that scene could certainly pack an emotional punch.

This does vaguely match what eventually happens in The Witcher novels, with Geralt ignoring his witcher duties in favour of venturing off after Ciri. Season three of The Witcher is expected to debut later this year.

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