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The Witcher fans rejoice as Geralt returns in surprise new release

The Witcher fans rejoice as Geralt returns in surprise new release

And it's totally free to get involved

This is an unexpected delight. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt fans will soon be able to reunite with Geralt, but in a very unlikely place.

If you’ve never played Naraka: Bladepoint, you may want to consider diving in soon.

To celebrate the game’s third anniversary, a new map is set to be introduced and it’s one that’ll feature a few familiar friends. Yes, Geralt and his companions.

This is the first map to be introduced to the game in two years.

Titled Perdoria, the map will take players to “the majestic underground imperial city of Jiling and a striking subterranean landscape”. That’s according to the press release which adds that there are several platform areas that are “perfect for combat”.

The map is scattered with mechanisms and buffs to help you on the battlefield.

You can also visit the new Fortune Land, filled with effects including free revivals, auto-healing Remains, and rapid recovery upon defeating foes.

Take a look at the new trailer for Naraka: Bladepoint’s Perdoria map below.

You’re here to learn more about Geralt’s inclusion though. Well, somehow, Geralt and his companions have found themselves within Perdoria.

“In this mysterious and audacious new map, Naraka: Bladepoint will welcome the arrival of adventurers from all walks of life,” a press release reads.

“The White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and his companions will be venturing into NARAKA this winter, entering a mysterious eastern land.”

Given that the collaboration isn’t set to drop until later this year, we’re not sure exactly what it entails but given that Geralt will be locatable on the game’s map, it sounds as if it could be something relatively substantial - more than simply an obtainable skin.

Speaking of skins though, Naraka: Bladepoint is also crossing over with the Tomb Raider franchise with a Lara Croft inspired outfit set to be added this summer.

Hand to hand combat is also on the way with the ‘Fistblades’ weapon set to debut on 2 July.

Additionally, the new Perdoria map is hiding an Easter egg that developers have urged players to seek out for unexpected rewards. I’m afraid they didn’t provide much of a hint beyond that.

I want to remind you that Naraka: Bladepoint is a free-to-play game so if the upcoming Witcher collaboration has tempted you in, you can go ahead and download the game right now at no cost.

Featured Image Credit: NetEase, CD Projekt RED

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