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The Witcher fans call season two a 'raging dumpster fire'

The Witcher fans call season two a 'raging dumpster fire'

Netflix's The Witcher went downhill with the second season

They say time heals all wounds. That sometimes, all we need is a little space to get the perspective we need. Turns out this does not apply to season two of Netflix's The Witcher.

It's fair to say that the second season of Netflix's fantasy series was not brilliantly received at the time. Shocking deaths and surprising deviations from the source material led some fans to fear that the show was more interested in telling its own story than adapting Andrzej Sapkowski's beloved novels.

On paper, shaking things up isn't a bad thing! But given the actual changes made were so universally reviled that some think it's part of why Henry Cavill decided to move on after just three seasons, maybe they should've stuck to the books.

Now that The Witcher's second season has been out for coming up to a year, fans have decided to look back on it. Maybe see if they treated it too harshly. The consensus? Nope.

A thread on The Witcher subreddit asked a question I've often asked fellow fans: is Liam Cavill's arrival in The Witcher season four really going to be the thing that stops you watching? It's a fair thing to ask, given that fans have loudly suggested they do plan to boycott the show going forward.

In response a number of fans have argued that they have no intention to continue watching. Not because of Liam Cavill, to be clear, but because season two was so incredibly awful.

"Season two was awful, I don't want to inflict myself any more of that," one Reddit user wrote. "I have a huge backlog of widely praised material to go through, I see no reason to give Blood Origin or season three any attention."

"I like to call it a raging dumpster fire of maximum proportions," another agreed of season two.

A third argued: "I get that the show was never going to be an EXACT replica of the books, but it seemed like they were just making plot lines for the hell of it. There's PLENTY to work off of from the books without the need for 'creative liberties'.

"Geralt and Dandelion were the only things keeping me around, and now that Cavill is gone.. no offense to Joey Batey but Dandelion can't carry the show."

Basically, it looks like Netflix has some work to do to win folk back over to The Witcher.

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