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The Witcher author shares his thoughts on the Netflix series, it's not pretty

The Witcher author shares his thoughts on the Netflix series, it's not pretty

Andrzej Sapkowski recently gave his thoughts on the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher, and he's clearly not impressed.

The author of the original Witcher book series, Andrzej Sapkowski, has weighed in with his thoughts on Netflix’s The Witcher, and he doesn’t seem too impressed.

Lately, everyone’s been discussing video game adaptations. Well, more specifically, fans of game series which have previously been given less-than-spectacular TV and movie adaptations have been getting jealous about how good The Last of Us is. Others have been pondering what well-made shows of other popular games like Red Dead Redemption could be like - even Rahul Kohli recently noted that he’d be down to play John Marston in a Red Dead movie.

Take a look at this awesome Witcher pyrography art.

As reported by ComicBook, while speaking at the Taipei International Book Exhibition last week, Andrzej Sapkowski gave his thoughts on The Witcher’s Netflix adaptation. He said: “I’ve seen better. I've seen worse.”

To be fair, that just about perfectly matches how a lot of gamers feel about the adaptation. When compared to the Halo TV show, which removed the game series’ iconic music and gave us a truly baffling Master Chief sex scene, The Witcher seems pretty great. However, The Last of Us has blown pretty much everything that came before it out of the water.

It remains to be seen how the show will fare after Henry Cavill’s departure. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ll have heard by now that he’ll be stepping down from the role of Geralt from season four onwards, and will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. To say that fans are unhappy about this would be an understatement - hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition in an attempt to keep Cavill and fire the writers instead.

Before that happens, we still have one more season of Cavill to enjoy, which is currently set to release during the summer. Even if season three is incredible, though, I imagine it’s going to feel very bittersweet.

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