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The Sims 5 teaser drops, is officially free to play

The Sims 5 teaser drops, is officially free to play

The Sims 5 will be free to all!

Since its inception in 2000 on PC, The Sims from publisher Electronic Arts has been one of the most popular franchises in the video game industry with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The Sims is a ‘social simulation’ game in which you get to control every aspect of the NPC's lives for better or worse. You can quite literally make their lives a dream come true or a living nightmare. I suppose it all depends on which side of the bed you wake up on.

Check out the latest episode of 'Behind The Sims' below!

Typically, The Sims has been a standalone product, supported by massive amounts of expansions and DLC for each iteration. However, in 2022, the franchise swung in an unexpected direction when The Sims 4 became free-to-play and it seems that has been a successful business venture because a teaser for The Sims 5 has dropped and it has been confirmed that it will also be free-to-play. It was first teased that the next entry was going free-to-play in a job listing back in June 2023.

In the latest of EAs ‘Behind the Sims’ YouTube series, it confirmed that The Sims 5 (codenamed Project Rene) is on the way as well as continuing with its aforementioned free-to-play formula. The video also announced that there is new content arriving in The Sim’s 4’s ‘Stuff Pack’ DLC.

What’s more, EA has confirmed that The Sims 5 will have no subscription requirement nor “energy mechanics”. In case you didn't know, according to The Sims wiki entry: “Sims will automatically wake up from a nap after a few hours, with a moodlet that counteracts the effects of low energy. The more expensive a bed, the faster energy will rise and will also deplete at a slower rate.”

It is believed that the “energy mechanics” could leave the door open for egregious monetisation. Though let’s be honest, with The Sims 5 being a free-to-play game, there will be plenty of other methods in which EA can make some monies.

“Project Rene will be a new way to play The Sims - it will feel “Simsy” as players will still manage what their Sims do throughout their day, while also presenting gameplay choices differently,” said developer Maxis in a recent blog update. “With Project Rene, we want to do things from the start that The Sims hasn’t ever done or try to do familiar things in a new way!”

At this time, The Sims 5 doesn't have a release date. That being said, it is currently being tested in a private beta and it is expected to be released somewhere between late this year or early 2025. The Sims 5 will launch on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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