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'The Sims 4' Incest Bug Has Been Fixed, No More Cursed WooHoo

'The Sims 4' Incest Bug Has Been Fixed, No More Cursed WooHoo

You'll be thrilled to know that Sims in The Sims 4 can no longer engage in incest after a fix was made.

The Sims franchise is no stranger to a bit of cursed content. I know exactly the kinds of things you all get up to. In fact, there are quite literally guides on the best ways to kill a Sim. Don’t pretend that you haven’t tried taking your Sim for a swim before removing the pool ladder.

Whilst that is utterly cursed, nothing is quite as disturbing as a recent issue which plagued The Sims 4. The game recently rolled out an update that gave Sims unintentional incestual urges. One user took to Reddit to announce that their Sim had asked their own son to be their boyfriend. Yikes. Thankfully, the whole horrifying debacle is over.

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You can now release a massive phew as inter-family WooHoos are a thing of the past. EA have released a patch which notes that “the ‘Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend’ Want now targets appropriate Sims.” In other words, no more incest.

We think of The Sims 4 as being a relatively wholesome game, but the incest issue was just one of many equally strange problems. On the Social Bunny in-game app - which is essentially a Sims version of Twitter - Sims can create flirtatious posts and tag people that they have a crush on. The recent update allowed adult Sims to tag teenagers which is very obviously not okay. Luckily, that’s also been fixed in the latest patch.

The last issue to be addressed was the rapid aging bug. Users who set their Sim’s lifespan to short or long found that if they entered the Create A Sim menu, their Sim would rapidly age up or down. This means that players with elderly Sims were entering the menu to overhaul their look only to leave and have their character drop down dead. So there you have it. Three utterly disturbing bugs yeeted back to whence they came.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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