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The Simpsons is being turned into an anime, and it looks amazing

The Simpsons is being turned into an anime, and it looks amazing

The Simpsons' upcoming Halloween special will feature a parody of the anime Death Note, and it genuinely looks great.

After airing for over 30 years, you’d really think that the producers of The Simpsons would have run out of ideas by now. Over 700 episodes have graced our screens, and while that might not quite rival the likes of the Pokémon anime or One Piece, it’s still a lot of hours of viewing, with hundreds of plot points covered.

As reported by Kotaku, the show’s upcoming Treehouse of Horror Halloween special has now been teased, and one part of the episode will be taking The Simpsons to a place never ventured before - anime. While the show has made reference to a number of anime series in the past, they’ve never taken it quite this far.

Before we get into it, take a look at this hilarious Simpsons-themed God of War mod.

This section of the episode will be a parody of the iconic anime and manga series Death Note - one which I’m sure even non-anime lovers will be familiar with in some capacity. Basically, write someone’s name in the notebook while picturing them in your mind, and they’ll die. There’s a whole load of other rules, loopholes and quirks that the Death Note fan in me would love to go into immense detail about, but I’ll spare you that experience.

Anyway, The Simpsons’ take will see Lisa become the owner of the Death Tome (that’s what they’re calling it here) - she seems to have been given the same cold and callous attitude as Death Note’s Light Yagami, although how and who she’ll use the notebook on remains to be seen.

This section of the episode has been animated by DR Movie, a Korean studio which previously worked behind the scenes on the actual Death Note series, which explains why it looks so good. It'll air in just a few days' time, on 30 October.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Stranger Things creators, the Duffer brothers, are working on a live-action adaptation of Death Note, which we can only hope will be better than Netflix’s 2017 live-action film. The latter was heavily criticised by fans for its inaccurate portrayal of certain characters, and just generally being pretty awful to watch. It saw Willem Dafoe star as the Shinigami Ryuk though, which was definitely the best part of the whole thing - if he reprises his role, I'll be very happy.

Featured Image Credit: The Simpsons / 20th Television

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