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The Mandalorian: Adult Grogu looks like an absolute badass

The Mandalorian: Adult Grogu looks like an absolute badass

One Star Wars fan has imagined what Grogu might look like as an adult, and the result is very cool.

The 2023 reign of Pedro Pascal has drawn to a close for now. The man of the moment kicked off the year with his star turn as Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us before returning as Din Djarin in the third season of The Mandalorian. With the season finale now having aired, I honestly think that this season has been criminally underrated.

I’ve seen far more complaints on social media this time around but personally, I’m totally here for The Mandalorian having an overarching story, over the procedural nature of previous seasons. It was great to see Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best make his return to the franchise. Undeniably, the standout star of this season though has been Grogu. My guy is delivering performances like never before - and fans were left absolutely floored by that ‘perfect’ final scene. I could watch Grogu stomp around all day but he will one day grow up, and this adult Grogu concept art is very, very cool.

Ahsoka debuts in August. Take a look at the trailer below.

Created by an artist known as Pastrana, the concept art of adult Grogu was shared to Twitter by user SWCozyCoffee who wrote, “Will Din Grogu be the wise old leader of the Mandalorians, 800 years into the future?” It poses an interesting question. We really don’t know what Grogu’s future entails but even as a child, he’s an immensely powerful being so I expect he’ll show up further down the line at some point. In fact, some fans think he may appear in the recently announced Rey film, set 15 years after The Rise of Skywalker.

In the concept art, Grogu holds both a blaster and green lightsaber, donning a very cool Mythosaur inspired Mandalorian helmet. It will make me sad when we can’t see the little guy’s big adorable eyes anymore. Fans were really on board with the concept. Twitter user ItsChuggHead wrote, “This is really dope Grogu art. Most of the time when I see art of him with a Mandalorian helm, it’s kind of goofy but this artist absolutely nailed it.”

DreadfulDraven simply wrote, “Ngl, this helmet goes hard,” while StarWarsFanBlob expressed some concerns over the design. They added, “Oh man, that helmet is dope. I still would like those little ears protected.” The ears are very important.

Featured Image Credit: Disney+

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