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The Last Of Us viewers argue the show is better than the game after one episode

The Last Of Us viewers argue the show is better than the game after one episode

Numerous viewers believe that The Last of Us TV series is already on track to be better than the game thanks to its phenomenal premiere.

Although The Last of Us’ TV adaptation has so far only covered the game’s first hour, some fans are already convinced that the show is better than its source material.

It’s been a long time coming, but HBO’s The Last of Us is finally here. Early reviews for the series hailed it the "greatest video game adaptation ever made", and it’s not hard to see why. Fans are clearly in agreement, too - it’s currently IMDb’s highest rated show (when counting series with over 10,000 user votes).

Take a look at the trailer for The Last of Us series below.

The Last of Us already had one of the greatest openings in gaming, and so to see that so perfectly recreated for TV was a phenomenal experience - expanding on the characters and spending more time in a ‘normal’ world before chaos erupted certainly made the events of the episode hit a lot harder. As LADbible reports, over on Twitter, fans are in total agreement that the show has the edge here.

“Really enjoyed ep one of The Last of Us. Think they did an even better job than the game with that opening sequence. Loved the little changes they made and the extra character development,” wrote @Flaco_Jones. “Yeah, The Last of Us HBO was freakin' incredible LOL. The acting was outta this world and the setting was just perfect. Some slight changes but I genuinely think there were numerous scenes that were executed better in the show than the game itself,” tweeted @Kingdomace_. “If The Last of Us keeps pace, it will be better than the game(s) and honestly it won't even be close,” said @goIdwind.

Unfortunately, we now have many more days to go until the next episode, and despite knowing the full events of the game in great detail, I for one can’t wait to see what happens next.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Studios, HBO

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