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The Last Of Us showrunner reveals update on Abby season two casting

The Last Of Us showrunner reveals update on Abby season two casting

Craig Mazin was asked if there's any truth to some of the fan-favourite Abby casting rumours, and he gave a surprising response.

Ever since it was confirmed that The Last of Us TV show is returning for a second season, everyone has been theorising who’s going to play golf enthusiast Abby Anderson.

The former Firefly plays a very important role in The Last of Us Part II, being the game’s second playable protagonist. Half of the sequel is spent in her shoes, so obviously, the TV show is going to feature her very prominently too. In the months since the season one finale aired, casting rumours have been running rampant, and showrunner Craig Mazin has finally given an update on the situation.

Take a look at this comparison of Ellie in The Last of Us game and TV show below.

Up to this point, many have been convinced that Abby will be portrayed by Shannon Berry - the actress previously acknowledged how much she resembles the character, and back in January, eagle-eyed fans spotted that showrunner and The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann follows her on Instagram. Meanwhile, others have suggested that The Mandalorian star Katy O’Brian would be a good fit for the role, but she previously revealed that she’d asked around for an audition, but it’s “not in the cards”.

Speaking to Josh Horowitz on a new episode of the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Mazin was asked if there was any truth to the rumours of either of those two actresses potentially being cast as Abby, and unfortunately for anyone who was hoping to see one of them in the next season, the answer is no.

“No. No, no one has been cast,” Mazin responded.

Well, that wasn’t what any of us were hoping for. It’s pretty surprising to hear that no one has been selected at all yet, but based on Mazin’s reaction, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be O’Brian or Berry when it comes down to it. Back to the drawing board then, theorists?

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