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The Last Of Us showrunner thanks fans for their positivity following season premiere

The Last Of Us showrunner thanks fans for their positivity following season premiere

The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin thanked fans for their support, and hinted that the show "just gets better and better as it goes".

At long last, the first episode of The Last of Us aired last night. How are we all doing? Stopped crying yet? It’d be understandable if not.

Despite TV and film adaptations of video games having a fairly shocking track record when it comes to being actually decent (not talking about you, Sonic, love you), The Last of Us has proven that they can be truly excellent. Fans have been calling the first episode “perfect”, and the reviews for the rest of the show hint that things are only going to get better.

Take a look at the trailer for The Last of Us below.

Responding to the overwhelming praise for the show, showrunner Craig Mazin took to Reddit to thank fans for their support: “THANK YOU for all the wonderful reactions and passion you've shown for the show,” he wrote. “Honestly, we're all blown away over here, and I'm particularly pleased because I think the series just gets better and better as it goes... so THANK YOU ALL.

Bella [Ramsey] and I promised each other we would stay away from too much social media, because we have a tendency to give too much attention to the negative voices, but there is so much positivity right now, she granted me one-time permission to do this,” he continued. “On behalf of myself, Neil [Druckmann], Pedro [Pascal], Bella and everyone else who worked so hard for so long on this show, I say thank you thank you thank you again for watching, and I hope you stick with us for the full run of the series.”

Being a nine-part series, we still have many, many more weeks of The Last of Us to look forward to before the season one finale. How many episodes will make us all cry, I wonder? I’m one for one so far.

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