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HBO's The Last of Us just included another crew blunder

HBO's The Last of Us just included another crew blunder

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice... right?

Again, HBO has missed a production mistake by a mile in the latest episode of The Last of Us, making viewing the show an elaborate and expensive game of 'Where's The Crew Member?'

Light spoilers for the episode are in this article.

'Left Behind,' which shares its title with The Last of Us' DLC, follows Ellie and Riley's relationship while the two are still inside the quarantine zone of Boston. Expectedly, Ellie isn't the most amenable student in military school and even more so after her closest friend goes missing. However, Riley is fortunately fine and returns to reunite with Ellie and spend one last night in Boston before she is assigned to Atlanta as part of the Firefly rebellion.

The Last of Us Part I, which has been delayed in order that the game is in "the best shape possible" for players and newfound fans in the show, makes astonishing improvements to the original. Take a look here:

Those who have played the game will know how deeply the two care for each other, though their paths are divided, and that they start up a young romance while playing in the abandoned mall. It's for these tragic reasons that the show grips you so intently, so intently that you might have missed a whole camera rig in the corner of one of the shots. Here it is:

Thanks to Reddit user JustGavinBennett for that. "My immersion, help, I can't enjoy without my immersion," joked one viewer. It's imagined that the inclusion will be erased with the magic of editing like the camera people who can be seen just before Joel and Ellie cross the bridge in the sixth episode.

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, so you can't be too harsh on the person who let this slip through the net. And it is funny - but not as funny as a guy in jeans standing in the background of a fight with Cara Dune, Greef Karga and Din Djarin.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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