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HBO's The Last of Us just included another Uncharted easter egg

HBO's The Last of Us just included another Uncharted easter egg

One eagle-eyed The Last of Us fan spotted another Uncharted easter egg while Ellie and Riley were exploring the abandoned mall.

If you’ve played The Last of Us, it’s impossible to watch HBO’s TV adaptation and not become a real-life version of the pointing Leo meme. The episodes are jam-packed with cool easter eggs for long-time fans to spot and the latest instalment, ‘Left Behind,’ was no different.

It’s been a rocky week for The Last of Us, which makes a change as the show has seen immense success. ‘Left Behind’ is the lowest-rated episode to date, but it has unfortunately also been review-bombed for its coverage of LGBTQIA+ themes so it’s hardly a fair rating. Both Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid have perfectly responded to the series’ homophobic trolls. I think we can all agree that both actresses were phenomenal at capturing the joy of young love. Let’s get back to those easter eggs though, shall we?

Excited for episode eight? Take a look at the trailer for ‘When We Are In Need’ below.

As pointed out by Reddit user ssstute89, Ellie and Riley wander through a food outlet in the abandoned mall called Macho Nacho. If you’ve played the Uncharted series, you may have heard this name before. They wrote, “Isn’t this the place Nate made fun of Elena for working at?” It’s true. EpicCakes added, “Man, how did I JUST replay Uncharted 4 and I remember that line, but I didn’t think of this when I saw the episode.”

In an earlier scene, Ellie is sat down with Captain Kwong. Midway through the conversation, the FEDRA officer slides a set of keys across the table. If you look closely, the keyring actually features the Naughty Dog logo. Fun spot, right?

Fans of the game may also have noticed film posters for ‘Dawn of the Wolf Part 2’ dotted around - a fictional film that is mentioned in the games. This isn’t actually the first Uncharted reference, as there was another easter egg back in episode two. Those crafty devils.

Featured Image Credit: HBO, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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