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The Flash projected to lose Warner Bros. almost $200 million

The Flash projected to lose Warner Bros. almost $200 million

Due to its poor performance at the box-office, DC's The Flash is on track to lose Warner Bros almost $200 million.

The Flash hasn’t been the DCEU send-off Warner Bros was hoping for, after significantly underperforming at the box office. In just its second week, sales dropped by a whopping 72%, and the film is now on track to lose Warner Bros Discovery almost $200 million.

Twitter user @Luiz_Fernando_J pointed out the film’s earnings so far, as the film recently crossed the $200 million mark worldwide. Reportedly, the film’s marketing campaign had a budget of $150 million, in addition to a $190 million production budget.

Take a look at The Flash in action below.

If ticket sales continue to decline, it’ll be safe to say The Flash was a cinematic flop.

Reviews certainly haven’t helped, with a 64% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, which has been surprisingly juxtaposed by the audience score, which is currently sitting at 84%. The plot follows Barry Allen AKA The Flash, as he attempts to alter the timeline to be with his deceased mother, accidentally causing a world without meta-humans, which is DC’s term for superpowered beings. Flash needs to team up with an alternate version of himself, as well as Supergirl and returning Batman star Michael Keaton, to fix the timeline and put things back to normal.

The film faced development hell since its inception, swapping writers and directors and facing significant controversy from Ezra Miller’s behaviour off-set. Many fans called for recasts, or to have the film cancelled altogether since the DC cinematic universe was due a reboot anyway.

The DC cinematic universe will now be rebooted as the DCU, being led by James Gunn, and kicked off with Superman: Legacy, which recently cast its two lead roles.

In the end, not even Michael Keaton’s Batman could save The Flash from commercial failure, but that didn’t stop Warner Bros from trying to bring another famous Batman back into the fold, as the studio reportedly reached out to Christian Bale several times for a cameo, which he continuously dismissed.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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