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'The Boys' Actors Reacting To Viral Homelander GTA Mod Gives Hope For Game

'The Boys' Actors Reacting To Viral Homelander GTA Mod Gives Hope For Game

Several cast members have reacted to a Homelander GTA mod, and now we want an official The Boys game.

I miss The Boys already. The third season of Prime Video’s chaotic superhero drama recently drew to a close and to say it left an impression would be an understatement. That Ant-Man inspired Termite scene has caused irreversible damage, to my mind that is - not the penis of Termite’s lover. Although I should imagine that it is irreversibly damaged too.

Moving swiftly on. Despite the wild and raucous storylines, the end of the season has left a The Boys shaped hole in our hearts, and we’ve got quite a wait before the newly announced Gen V spin-off hits our screens. In the meantime, one fan decided to imagine what a The Boys video game could look like, and it caught the attention of the cast.

Check out the Homelander GTA V mod in action below.

Grand Theft Auto modder JulioNIB recently created an incredible Homelander mod which brought the character to GTA V. We shared a clip of the mod in action on Twitter which showed Homelander using his laser vision to decimate the civilians of Los Santos - and a few familiar faces had some thoughts.

Homelander himself, Anthony Starr, watched the clip. Keeping his card’s close to his chest, Starr wrote, “I see this…” and I’m going to take his elusiveness as a quiet desire for a The Boys video game. The series’ executive producer Seth Rogen was much more open with his thoughts. He tweeted, “Holy f**k!!!” Come on Seth. The people want a The Boys game. Help make it happen.

The mod even caught the attention of Prime Video themselves, who replied to us saying, “Homelander would never hurt a civilian or cause any damage to the city but looks great.” If it looks great … you know what to do Prime. We already know that Hideo Kojima toyed with the idea of creating a game comparable to The Boys so we’ve got the perfect developer lined up. Let’s cross our fingers in unison.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Studios, JulioNIB

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