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Terrifier 2 director wants to work with Bruce Campbell

Terrifier 2 director wants to work with Bruce Campbell

We would simply love to see it, frankly.

Damien Leone, the director of the sensationally successful Terrifier 2, has a number of horror heroes that he would love to work with in future films and namedropped Bruce Campbell in a interview with us this week. To be honest, a showdown between Art the Clown and Ash Williams would be a fever dream we actually want to see.

In case you've been comfy and cosy living under a rock these last couple of weeks, Terrifier 2 has grossed nearly $11 million against a crowdfunded budget of $250,000, and the bloody scenes have had people passing out and vomiting due to the severity of the practical effects. It's a continuation of 2016's Terrifier, which was criticised for a lack of character development, and this time the story follows Sienna and Jonathan Shaw as they come to terms with their father's passing. Meanwhile, Art the Clown resurrects and returns to Miles County, insidiously invading their lives and murdering their friends and family in horrendously gruesome ways as the net tightens around the two.

Check out the trailer for Terrifier 2, if you can stomach it...

Judging by the response to the sleeper splatter hit, there's most certainly an appetite for Art the Clown's continued massacres across Miles County - a third film has already been sketched out and Leone was approached by a developer to create a Terrifier video game. The possibilities might be infinite, especially with the imaginations that Leone and his team have, so we asked him if he had a list of fellow aficionados and actors he would like to work with in forthcoming Terrifier films.

"There are so many of my makeup heroes that are really still prevalent in the industry that I would kill to work with," replied the director. "I don't really want to do the makeup effects for Terrifier - I'd rather hire an amazing team and just have all of that off my plate and be able to just focus on the directing part of it. Of course, I would oversee all of the makeup and have a very heavy hand in how it's executed, because I know how I want it to look."

"I would love to work with KNB EFX," he said, which is the award-winning special effects company behind films and shows like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and The Walking Dead. "There's also actors that I would just kill to work with. I don't know if necessarily there'd be a perfect role for them in Terrifier 3, but if there was, I'd love to work with Bruce Campbell. He's one of my horror heroes, you know," continued Leone. "I'm a big fan boy. I would be honoured to work with so many people in the industry."

I mean, we would simply love to see it, even if Campbell had a cameo role as a beleaguered citizen of Miles County who is so over these kids dressing up like clowns. I suppose the ball's in the esteemed actor's court now. If you're yet to see the film, Terrifier 2 is out now on digital platforms, DVD and Blu-ray as well as a box-set for both Terrifier 1 & 2 on sale.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate Television, Bloody Disgusting

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