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'Super Punch-Out!!' Awesome Hidden Feature Found After 28 Years

'Super Punch-Out!!' Awesome Hidden Feature Found After 28 Years

Almost three decades after its release, a fully-functioning multiplayer mode has been discovered in Super Punch-Out!!.

People love finding secrets in video games. We see it all the time with the likes of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, where players discover new tidbits of juicy lore, or easy-to-miss character interactions tucked away in the less explored corners of the worlds, years after release.

Yesterday though, one gamer made a massive discovery in the classic SNES fighting game Super Punch-Out!!, and it’s hard to believe that we’ve gone almost three decades without it ever being known. As reported by Nintendo Life, a fully functioning two-player mode has been uncovered in the (what was until now) single player game. 

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Twitter user @new_cheats_news found that inputting a certain button combination on the game's title screen allows you to select any fighter, including those from The Special Circuit, to fight in a free single match, which is already really neat. But, it’s then within this mode that the magic happens. 

“Even more, in this free match mode, at character info screen hold B+Y then press A or START,” they wrote. “From now the CPU opponent can be controlled from JOYPAD2 so you can fight against a real person.” They went on to add that all these button combinations “must be held on JOYPAD2”, before then pressing A or START on the first controller. 

What’s more, this isn’t just a feature available in the original cartridge version of the game - Nintendo Life discovered that it also works in the version accessible via the Nintendo Switch Online game library. It’s pretty amazing that this was never an advertised feature of the game, but it looks like it’s going to go down as a historical discovery.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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