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The Super Mario Bros. Movie has cast Danny Trejo, apparently

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has cast Danny Trejo, apparently

An Illumination employee's LinkedIn profile suggests that Danny Trejo and Taraji P. Henson could be starring in the upcoming Mario movie.

Whether you like it or not, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is coming. Thanks to the casting, which for the most part feels like it emerged straight from a fever dream, it’s slightly hard to believe that this is a real piece of cinema which’ll actually be upon us within a few months.

Based on the trailer, the movie looks lovely, visually. However, fans are still dubious about Chris Pratt donning the iconic red cap and overalls, especially since his ‘Mario voice’ is basically exactly the same as his normal speaking voice. I’m not sure what we expected.

Take a look at the trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie below.

Now though, a couple more members of the cast may have been revealed. As highlighted by Twitter user @KingMario2004, the LinkedIn profile of one of Illumination’s creative marketing employees suggests that Danny Trejo (Desperado, Breaking Bad) and Taraji P. Henson (Baby Boy, Hidden Figures) could be involved in the movie in some way, as they were listed alongside the rest of the confirmed voice actors that the employee has produced “scripted social media content” for.

Obviously, this begs the question of who the two actors could be voicing. On Reddit, fans are throwing out their predictions: “Calling it now: Taraji P. Henson is probably Pauline,” DrAwesomeX wrote. “Is Danny Trejo gonna play a Koopa Troopa? He already has experience with turtles in Breaking Bad,” commented pureeyes.

However, it’s worth noting here that both Trejo and Henson had voice roles in the recent Minions movie, The Rise of Gru (yes, the one that spawned the Gentleminion memes). So, there’s a very decent chance that the two were listed because of that, rather than the upcoming Mario movie - although it seems a bit unusual that they’ve all been bundled together in the same list.

With no official word on these potential castings just yet, we’ll have to watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Television

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