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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's first reviews are in

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's first reviews are in

This might not be as awful as we anticipated...

Some game reviews rarely surprise us, with the games in question seemingly destined for greatness even without critics' feedback. However, when it comes to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, those first reviews have been crucial.

Despite existing in the Arkham trilogy universe, specifically following up from Batman: Arkham Knight, all has not been well in the run-up to launch. Primarily, issues arose when servers were shut down just an hour after early access opened, but then fan discourse over major characters dying also added to the sour taste Rocksteady's game was leaving.

Unsure about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Our preview can help with that.

Even though the character models have been praised as the best we’ve seen in recent memory, would-be players were still waiting for those initial verdicts from outlets who’d sunk serious hours into Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

But now the reviews are coming in, we’re seeing much potential in this new DC title, even if it's potential that apparently hasn’t been fully awakened yet. Consequently, the first reviews are divided, with VGC awarding it four out of five stars, making it Metacritic’s highest rating for the game thus far.

However, other reviews land in the middle or bottom of the review scores, meaning that players will struggle to find a middling ground when searching for answers to whether this game is worthwhile.

Nevertheless, the fact that there are positives to be found here bodes well considering that pre-launch, the news seemed dire, blasting the gameplay as a “disaster”. Even when more reviews come in though, it’s unlikely Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will ever knock Batman: Arkham City off its top spot of the greatest superhero game ever made. But that’s okay, not many games – if any – can rival such an exceptional Batman experience.

Those looking to see if Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is as bad (or as good) as reviews say, can play it on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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