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Stunning life-size Minecraft city took 11 years and 400 people to build

Stunning life-size Minecraft city took 11 years and 400 people to build

The scale of this thing is mind-melting.

Greenfield is a sprawling city creation in Minecraft, reaching nearly 60 square kilometers, built on a one-to-one scale. If I had a fraction of this team's commitment, I'd have solved climate change, reverse-engineered time travel, and finally got clear skin. But I don't, so let's leave them to it.

"Greenfield is a fictional city designed to resemble the West Coast of America, laboriously inspired by Los Angeles," explained the fantastic four hundred builders behind the mind-meltingly large city. "Built to a one-to-one scale, every single building in Greenfield has substantial detail with carefully detailed elaborate surroundings. With a substantially sizable airport to lavish homes and businesses, Greenfield is one of the largest, most complex, and detailed original cities in Minecraft."

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Back in 2011, the project started with a gas station built by THEJESTR11 which is still located at its original coordinates. Since then, THEJESTR11 has recruited players of every sort, from high school students to retirees, from architects to software engineers, from hobbyists to hardcore fans. The city comprises roads, airports and ports, with natural waterways and beaches, and there are religious buildings, hotels, schools and green spaces to stroll round. To me, the most impressive part is the fact that it is a fictional city, and that there is no blueprint to follow, yet still the city looks ever so realistic. Even if you don't have Minecraft installed, you can take a bird's eye view tour with the dynmap to appreciate the level of attention and care that's gone into Greenfield.

Featured Image Credit: Greenfield

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