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‘Stroke The Dog’ Offers Gamers Easiest PlayStation Platinum Trophy Ever

‘Stroke The Dog’ Offers Gamers Easiest PlayStation Platinum Trophy Ever

Can you pet the dog? Friend, that is ALL you can do…

We all know that some games aren’t really games at all, right? Like these awful, wretched mobile things that you should go nowhere near. Here’s one such example - but, there’s something good to be had from it, if you’re the kind of player who really gets off on platinuming their PlayStation titles.

As reported at Push Square, Stroke the Dog is a ‘game’ from Game Achievements Ltd (of course it is) where the only thing you can do is, um, stroke the dog, actually. That’s it. Available for £3.29 at the PlayStation Store, this is pure trophy-filling fare with 71 of those little rewards available depending on how many times you stroke the dog (referred to in the official trophy pop-ups as “the animal”).

Here’s a dog who can’t wrap its head around IRL lag…

Let’s take a closer look at that store info, shall we? If nothing else it bulks out this article so that you get served another advert. Probably. Verbatim then, let’s go:

“Dog, mans (or womans) best friend. We aren’t all lucky enough to have one, but that should not mean that you don’t get to stroke one whenever you like. 

“Get a real life not actually real puppy in your front room or bedroom, or bathroom, or kitchen, wherever you have your tv. Stroke it as many times as you want, then stroke it some more.

“Relax with a dog.”

Y’know, I probably won’t - but if the lure of a platinum trophy for simply pressing the same button over and over again appeals, Push Square estimates that you’ll need to pet the dog around 2,000 times for that top award to ping for you. Also, don’t put your PlayStation in your bathroom, goodness me. Stroke the Dog is available now for PS4, compatible with PS5. Don’t all rush at once.

Featured Image Credit: Game Achievements Ltd

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