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Streamer spends five hours punching Elden Ring's worst boss to death

Streamer spends five hours punching Elden Ring's worst boss to death

Well, that's one way to do it.

For many, Elden Ring is a test of their skill, determination and commitment. For a strange subset of others, they take that already horrendously strenuous experience and make it even harder for themselves for reasons that are beyond the scope of this article. Like this Twitch streamer, GinoMachino, who just beat the Fire Giant with only their fists.

Of course, the Elden Ring community is proud of its builds, utilising the range of role-playing options and adapting their Vigor, Mind and Endurance stats to have the upper hand on those who stalk the Lands Between. GinoMachino chucked all of that knowledge out of the window and chose a purist approach, dealing about eight to 12 damage with every punch. On enemies like the Fire Giant, besting them with only their fists took five and a half hours.

For more inanity, check out this video of Elden Ring utterly ravaged by ridiculous mods:

He didn't stop there, oh no. His next target was the Godskin Duo, and this battle involves both Apostle and Noble at the same time and you're trapped in a cramped room. Another five and a half hours passed, and GinoMachino prevailed again. The streamer does seem to have limits, as the pure thought of having to take on Rykard with the Tarnished's bare fists put the fear in him.

Who knows, though? There's so many bosses left to choose from. So many. Perhaps he, along with Let Me Solo Her, will get a nod in the potential Elden Ring TV show that might be in the offing.

Featured Image Credit: Fromsoftware, Paramount Pictures

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