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Streamer Destroys $3,000 PC In Freak Golfing Accident

Streamer Destroys $3,000 PC In Freak Golfing Accident

The streamer said his "golfing career is over", after the stream went very wrong, very fast.

Freak golfing accident, eh? That’s definitely not something you tend to hear every day, and certainly not on Twitch. But here we are, and I promise it’s not (much of) an exaggeration. 

Meet lukeafkfan, a streamer who has quickly realised that he should stick to gaming rather than golfing. Live on stream yesterday, he had the idea to put his mini golf skills to the test, inside his house, with a full sized golf club. What could possibly go wrong?

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Simply put, everything. The streamer, who has 138K followers, was set a challenge by his chat - to try and take down one of his Christmas reindeer decorations with the ball. After first sending the ball flying into his wall, he eventually managed to take down his target, but the chat demanded a better angle of the action. 

After rearranging his setup so that the viewers could witness the swing in all its glory, lukeafkfan went in for another shot. “It’s all about angling in golf, it’s all about perspective,” he announced, before swinging the club into the Christmas tree behind him and hitting the ball, which ricocheted off the back of his bed frame, and smashed directly into his PC case.

Screaming, the streamer inspected the damage, which at first appeared to be limited to the glass face of the case. The chat joked that the smashed design was actually cool, but lukeafkfan wasn’t having it, and put on a clown filter. Apt. 

Unfortunately, the problems didn’t stop there - a crackling noise started coming from the PC while it was running, suggesting that the entire build might have suffered some lasting injuries beyond just its exterior. “My golfing career is over,” he said. 

Having not gone live since, it’s not known at this point how bad the damage has actually turned out to be, but we can more or less guarantee he won’t be playing golf again on the next stream. Which is a shame, because it was really funny. Can’t do much streaming without a working PC, though. 

Featured Image Credit: lukeafkfan via Twitch

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