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Stranger Things: 20,000 Fans Sign Petition To Bring Back "Unfairly" Murdered Character

Stranger Things: 20,000 Fans Sign Petition To Bring Back "Unfairly" Murdered Character

If I only could make a deal with Netflix

Big, juicy spoilers for Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 wait for you in this article. Please don't read on if you've not yet seen the final episode of the series!

Nearly 20,000 fans have signed a petition to bring back Stanger Things 4 breakout character Eddie Munson, following his untimely death at the hands (or teeth) of several dozen interdimensional bat monsters.

Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer had previously warned us we needed to be worried about "everybody" going into the season four finale, but in the end there were only two real casualties - and only one of them is actually dead.

Max (Sadie Sink) was finally caught and killed by Vecna before being brought back to life by Eleven. While it seems her consciousness has gone AWOL, she is definitely alive and will clearly be back for Stranger Things 5.

Alas, the fate of Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) was more definitive. The guitar-wielding metalhead dies a hero after luring away the demobats to save Dustin. It's a pretty fitting arc for a character who started the series by running away from danger, but the fans are understandably pretty bummed that the show's best new character is now dead and buried.

It wasn't long before a petition started doing the rounds, because that's just how people react to creative choices they don't agree with these days.

As you can see, this petition demands that fan-favourite Eddie Munson come back for Stranger Things 5, arguing that he was "unfairly" killed off. At the time of writing it has just shy of 20,000 signatures.

"Eddie deserves to graduate," proclaimed one supporter. Another added that people have been cancelling their Netflix subscriptions over Munson's death. I'm not entirely sure that's true, to be honest, but I get that people are upset.

Will anything come from this petition? Of course not. The Duffers have their vision for Stranger Things 5, and they're likely to stick to it. If nothing else, though, this will at least let the wonderful Joseph Quinn know what a massive impression he made on fans with his performance. And if that's all the petition does, then it's done plenty.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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